Multimedia Cloud Transcoding

Multimedia Cloud Transcoding provides efficient, intelligent and stable audio and video processing services for massive media resources, including: Ordinary transcoding, double speed transcoding, intelligent super-definition transcoding, video editing, video encryption, intelligent frame extraction, etc., bringing you a smooth and high-definition playback experience with multiple terminals.
Multimedia Cloud Transcoding
  • Popular transcoding time package
  • Product overview
  • Product advantages
  • Functional features
  • Application scenarios

Popular transcoding time package

  • Entry-level


    It is suitable for individuals, small and micro enterprises with very few videos


    1000 minutes H264 LD normal transcoding

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    • Validity12 months
  • Basic


    Suitable for start-ups with daily increase of video less than 2 hours


    20,000 minutes H264 LD normal transcoding

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    • Validity12 months
  • Standard


    Suitable for growing enterprises with daily increase of video less than 50 hours


    500000 minutes H264 LD normal transcoding

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    • Validity12 months
  • Advanced


    Suitable for large video applications / online education / e-commerce enterprises


    2 million minutes H264 LD normal transcoding

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    • Validity12 months

Product overview

Multimedia Cloud Transcoding services provide high-quality, high-concurrency, high-stability audio and video cloud transcoding and processing services. Intelligent super-definiation transcoder integrates a variety of visual AI and coding technologies. The AI model is used for deep perceptual learning of the picture content. According to the video scenarios and complexity, the encoding parameters are adjusted intelligently, and the subjective visual experience is optimized, so as to obtain better coding quality with lower bit rate. In addition, it also provides a variety of audio and video processing services, such as video frame extraction, black edge cutting, superimposed watermark, video editing, video encryption, etc.

Product overview

Product advantages

High quality
High quality
Through AI model deep learning, the optimal coding parameters are dynamically allocated according to the video complexity, and the human eye is enhanced subjectively based on ROI, which greatly improves the video picture definition.
High efficiency
High efficiency
According to the user level, queue level, video duration and complexity and other comprehensive factors, intelligent scheduling ensures the priority processing of high-quality tasks. Long file fragmentation parallel processing greatly improves transcoding speed.
High stability
High stability
The exclusive cluster ensures strong and stable transcoding environment, dynamic expansion of distributed deployment, flexible response to business volume surge, real-time monitoring and alarm of transcoding abnormality, and 7 * 24h technical service support.
Low cost
Low cost
Baidu Intelligent Cloud transcoding service is the lowest price in the whole network, allowing you to get the best service at the lowest cost. In addition, smart ultra clear transcoding can help to save a lot of bandwidth and storage costs.

Functional features

  • intelligent super-definition

    intelligent super-definition

    Codec + AI to create a higher definition and lower code video experience.Content adaptation:According to the content complexity, the optimal encoding parameters are dynamically allocated to improve the clarity and save 50% + bandwidth cost at most. Subjective enhancement:Optimize the color, brightness, contrast and saturation of the picture, remove jitter, scratch, noise, etc., and enhance the image quality of the area of human attention. Super resolution:Resolution up sampling (such as SD > HD, HD > 4K, etc.), frame rate up sampling (such as 30fps > 60fps, etc.) and reconstructing picture details. Repair of old film:For the old film, the image quality is reborn. The edge texture details are strengthened and the picture clarity is improved.

  • Video transcoding

    Video transcoding

    Full coverage of mainstream formats, efficient, intelligent and stable.Support H.264, h.265, AV1 coding standards, HLS, dash and other packaging formats; support audio / video extraction.Large scale transcoding clusters can be used for distributed parallel transcoding, which greatly improves the transcoding speed.Aes128 encryption algorithm is used to encrypt video files to prevent illegal users from copying and spreading video content.

  • Video editing

    Video editing

    Clip splicing, watermark subtitles and multi track overlay make video editing more efficient.It supports clip editing, multi file splicing, title and tail, and can customize the starting time and detailed parameters of each clip.Support multiple static pictures, dynamic pictures, subtitles and other watermarks, and support superimposed audio.Support automatic detection of black edge area and black edge clipping. You can customize the video clipping area.It supports automatic detection of logo area and intelligent erasure according to the color and image around the logo.

  • Intelligent frame extraction

    Intelligent frame extraction

    It supports 7 kinds of screenshot modes, and can customize the screenshot strategy to meet the needs of multi scenario application.According to the relevance of the content and the degree of the picture's brilliance, the most wonderful 0.5s picture is automatically extracted to generate the moving picture, and the cutting time can be customized.Support the use of Baidu IDL intelligent thumbnail algorithm to intercept, or automatically intercept a frame with high entropy value as the cover map.

Application scenarios

  • Video APP
  • Online education
  • Broadcasting media
  • Video App

    ·The intelligent ultra clear transcoding technology can reduce the video code rate by 20-30%, improve the video clarity, and greatly reduce the cost of traffic bandwidth; ·Intelligent cover, effectively improve the video click through rate; ·Automatic detection and removal of black edges can effectively improve the video quality.

    Video App
  • ·Audio and video processing services can generate videos of various media formats suitable for different terminals to meet the needs of online education industry; ·The video encryption function can protect the copyright of the course and prevent stealing broadcast;

  • ·The super division technology improves the video quality by restoring the image quality of old documentaries and processing 2K / 4K; ·Intelligent production helps the editing and production of news programs and improves the production efficiency of news materials.