Image Search

It allows you to search out the same or similar images in the specified image library. It is applicable for precise image search, similar material search, taking a shot to search for a commodity, similar commodity recommendation, and other scenarios.

Product List

  • Similar Image Search

    This product allows you to find the image set similar to the image you want to search and gives a similarity score in the self-built image library. It can be used to search for similar materials.

  • Same Image Search

    In the self-built image library, this product allows you to find the image set similar to the image you want to search, and gives a similarity score. It can be used to search for similar materials.

  • Commodity Image Search

    Based on the commodity images, this product allows you to find the same and similar commodity image set in the self-built image library. It is one of the applications required for e-commerce platforms.

  • Picture Book Image Search

    For the special optimization algorithm for taking a shot for searching a children's book, this product supports the recognition of an image for a part of the picture book. Thus, it allows you to search for the corresponding children's book in the self-built library precisely.

Application Scenarios

  • Shooting for Book Search

    In the “Shooting for Book Search” scenario for searching for children's books and teaching materials, the children can take a photo of a picture book or learning materials using a learning machine, pad, or other devices. Then, he can search out the corresponding front cover or book page automatically in the learning library, realizing the picture book reading and teaching material explanation functions.

  • Commodity Search and Recommendation

    The user can use the photo he takes to search for the same or similar commodity in the commodity library. It can perform the commodity sales or give relevant commodity recommendations to enhance the convenience in searching for the commodity and optimizing the user experience.

  • Similar Image Search

    On the basis of the photo you take, it allows you to search for the similar or same commodity images, meeting the designers and workers’ requirements so that you could find the original large image or similar works in a more convenient and efficient way.

  • Filter Duplicate Images

    This feature allows you to search for the same or highly similar images in the image library. Thus, it is possible to remove or filter the duplicate images in the system, and prevent problems arising out of the duplicate contents, such as resource waste and decrease in the experience.

  • Shooting for Book Search
  • Commodity Search and Recommendation
  • Similar Image Search
  • Filter Duplicate Images

Special Advantages

Super-large Image Library
The self-built image library supports the uploading of hundreds of millions of images to realize the real-time search and give a response for a single image in milliseconds. 
Visual Library Management
Thanks to its supporting image library management backend, it allows you to add, delete, modify, and search the images in the image library and experience the search effect rapidly.
Stable Service Guarantee
It offers enterprise-level stable and precise high-traffic services, elastic and flexible high-concurrence load-carrying capacity, and above 99.9% reliability guarantee.

Relevant Recommendations

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    It can recognize over 100 thousand kinds of objects and scenarios precisely, including several high-precision image recognition abilities. Also, it can offer related API services.

  • Image Effect Enhancement

    For low-quality images, it can optimize them by such methods as haze removal, distortion-free magnification, contrast enhancement, stretching, and recovery to rebuild high-resolution images.

  • Optical Character Recognition

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