Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Baidu AI Cloud CDN has nearby content distribution and smart scheduling, with high availability and high stability; relying on Baidu's self-built 1000+ high-quality nodes, 100T bandwidth, single node 80G-160G, and support for IPV6 and other high-quality features, it makes your website as fast as Baidu search!


Baidu AI Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network) releases website content to the edge node closest to the user, so that netizens can obtain the desired content nearby, thus improving the response speed and success rate of netizens' access, and protecting the origin server. It solves the problems of high access delay caused by issues such as region, bandwidth, and ISP access, and effectively helps the site to increase the access speed. 

Popular Traffic Packs

  • Entry-level

    Suitable for small and medium website acceleration


    100GB traffic pack

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    • Service time12 months
  • Basic

    Suitable for acceleration of small and medium file distribution


    500GB traffic pack

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    • Service time12 months
  • Standard

    Suitable for large file distribution acceleration


    1TB traffic pack

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    • Service time12 months
  • Advanced

    Suitable for streaming media acceleration services


    10TB traffic pack

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    • Service time12 months


  • Global acceleration

    Multi-domain and multi-service acceleration, whole site acceleration on dynamic and static pages, providing continuous and stable acceleration services

  • Cache processing

    Cache fragment storage, multi-core CPU technology makes request processing efficient, and bare disk storage provides ultra-high read performance

  • Configuration management

    Configure caching policy, cache key calculation, origin-forwarding, video, hotlink protection, HTTPS, origin-forwarding, etc., self-configuration and real-time delivery to the entire network

  • Throttling of forward to origin

    The central node converges forward to origin, reduces the forward to origin and improves the hit rate; it determines the behavior of forward to origin based on the data read by the user, reducing unnecessary origin-forwarding traffic

  • Intelligent scheduling

    Intelligent DNS scheduling algorithm, requesting to assign the best node services nearby

  • Data monitoring / analysis

    Network-wide data monitoring, real-time collection and analysis, providing panoramic data reports and analysis such as bandwidth flow, number of requests, etc., providing log download and dump


Powerful and fast

Stable and safe

Simple operation

Cost saving

Powerful and fast

Baidu's self-built high-quality nodes spread all over the country, covering more than 30 provinces and cities; 10 lines+ ISP network access, Tb-level bandwidth carrying, covering all ISPs; single node bandwidth is not less than 40Gbps, business average 98% + traffic hit rate; millisecond response time; the central node converges forward to origin. 

Stable and safe

Service availability is as high as 99.95%; enterprise-level WAF, DDOS defense mechanism; support for the entire network HTTPS secure transmission, website hotlink protection and other advanced security control functions; real-time data collection can help you effectively monitor business operations; 7*24h network monitoring and ticket response.  It supports Baidu AI Cloud CDN security protection capabilities, quickly sense and process exceptional attack traffic, and process it. 

Simple operation

Baidu AI Cloud CDN access is simple and fast, provides self-service domain name management, and supports a variety of customizable configuration items to facilitate customers' statistical analysis and log management; it supports platform access, self-service configuration acceleration; it has rich configuration items, supports cache policy, cache key calculation, forward to origin, video, hotlink protection, HTTPS and other related configuration items; quick refresh of cache.

Cost saving

It supports bill by daily peak bandwidth and bill-by-traffic; on-demand billing; customers with monthly peak bandwidth above 2Gbps can apply for monthly billing business negotiations through tickets. 

Customer Cases

Chushou tv

Long live streaming & VOD

iQIYI is a provider of high-quality video entertainment and short video services in China. Baidu AI Cloud CDN provides it with professional dynamic and static content acceleration with low latency, high available access speed, and multiple authentications; faced with massive video processing needs, it provides millisecond response and refreshes pictures, text and video loading in seconds, which greatly improves the user experience. 

Entertainment short video

Kuaishou is a domestic top national short video community, and a platform for recording and sharing life with a large number of pictures and short video processing needs. With Baidu AI Cloud CDN product services, the pictures are displayed faster, and the photo loading can be refreshed in seconds, which greatly improves the user experience of client users

Preschool education

BabyBus focuses on mobile intelligent early education product development, Baidu AI Cloud CDN content acceleration service supports mobile terminal content distribution acceleration, and BabyBus cloud relies on Baidu AI Cloud multimedia solution. Business response time is further reduced to one third. It has greatly improved the user's access experience. 

Live game

Baidu AI Cloud CDN and Baidu object storage BOS provide Chushou TV for storage and distribution of live game content, featuring high efficiency of upload, store stability, and fast download, which has giving a hand to Chushou tv distribution business. 

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