Baidu Object Storage (BOS)

BOS provides a stable, safe, efficient, and scalable cloud storage service. You can store any quantity and form of unstructured data in BOS, with managing and processing data. BOS supports multiple storage types, such as Standard, Infrequent Storage, Cold, and Archive, to meet the storage requirements of multiple scenarios.


Baidu Object Storage (BOS) provides a stable, secure, efficient, and scalable storage service. The “Storage + Computing Framework” adds “Power engine” to your data, allowing data to achieve fusion in transmission, storage, processing and release of data.

Hierarchical Storage

Standard Storage

  • High reliability and availability
  • Frequent data reading
  • Reliability: 99.99999999%
  • Availability: 99.95%
  • Minimum storage time: No
  • Reclaiming cost: None
  • First-byte delay: Millisecond

Infrequent Storage

  • High reliability and low storage cost
  • Monthly average access < 1
  • Reliability: 99.99999999%
  • Availability: 99.95%
  • Minimum storage time: 30 days
  • Recovery cost: Bill-by-traffic (GB)
  • First-byte delay: Millisecond

Cold Storage

  • High reliability and low storage cost
  • Annual average access < 1
  • Reliability: 99.99999999%
  • Availability: 99%
  • Minimum storage time: 60 days
  • Reclaiming cost: Bill-by-traffic (GB)
  • First-byte delay: Millisecond


  • Extremely low storage cost
  • Three-year average access < 1
  • Reliability: 99.999999%
  • Availability: 99%
  • Minimum storage time: 180 days
  • Reclaiming cost: Bill-by-traffic (GB)
  • Reclaiming time: Minutes to hours


DescriptionBOS, the largest netdisk product in China, provides the stable storage capacity of thousands of PB data.
BOS passes the trusted cloud certification for three consecutive years, allowing you to store the critical data confidently.
Low Cost
The most comprehensive hierarchical storage and lifecycle management in the industry reduce your storage cost
Processing Framework
The “Storage + Computing Framework” adds the power engine to the data


Cloud Data

Cloud Data Management

Data Processing

Data Distribution

Local Cloud Data

The high-density offline migration equipment BOS MoonBox combines with the convenient logistics scheme to bring you with easy cloud experience of PB level data.

Third-party Cloud Data

If you store massive data in the third-party cloud and want to back up or migrate it to BOS, recommend you to use the on-line import and Bucket image scheme.

Multiple Writing APIs

BOS provides an abundance of writing APIs for different writing scenarios, including PutObject, PostObject, MultipartUpload, AppendObject, and FetchObject.

Compatibility with AWS S3

To enable many AWS S3-based applications, SDKs and third-party services to access to BOS without modification of the code and support more AWS S3-based open source applications,  BOS is compatible with the AWS S3 interface.

Data Management

You can manage the data through the management console, RESTful API, and SDKs in various languages. Meanwhile, CMD, desktop client, BOSFS and BOSFTP are released in succession for BOS, facilitating users to manage the BOS data.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

To realize the cross-region disaster recovery and backup and further improve the data reliability, BOS provides the cross-region replication function. The system background asynchronously realizes the cross-region replication, and quickly establishes the data backup station.

Lifecycle Management

BOS provides four storage types, and users can use and switch between them on demand. Furthermore, BOS supports lifecycle management, and you can define the lifecycle rule to automatically delete the lifecycle rule of datato further reducing the storage cost.

Data Security

BOS implements the perfect data transmission layer HTTPS encryption and the server AES256 encryption, and provides the complete key management mechanism. Furthermore, BOS also provides the most perfect access control list (ACL) ability in China at the user level to prevent the risk of data leakage.

Photo Processing

BOS supports photo processing. Users upload the original photo to BOS, and process the photo in a real-time manner by calling the simple RESTful interface, such as zoom, clip, format conversion, rotation, and attachment of text/photo watermark.

Photo Review

The photo review service can automatically detect and review the photos in BOS. Thus, after judging whether the photos in the specified Bucket contain pornographic, violent, politically sensitive, advertising, nausea and discomfort contents, it can give a confidence value. Furthermore, it supports the intelligent recognition of photo quality, and helps filter low quality photos.

Audio/Video Processing

Thanks to combination of MCT and VOD with BOS,  BOS can provide the high-quality transcoding computing service for audio and video files. Thus, BOC can transcode source audio/video files into the media file formats required for various consumer devices (such as mobile phone, tablet, smart TV, and PC), satisfying multi-terminal playback requirements.

Event Notification

Developers can define the data behavior in the Bucket of business based on the functions provided by the platform. BOS monitors the Put Object and Append Object behaviors in the Bucket, and provides the triggering notification to the user’ downstream business system. The upper-level business can, based on the triggering events in the Bucket, further define the next processing measures.

CDN-Accelerated BOS

BOS is a massive file storage source, and the static photos, video files, download packages and APP update packets are placed on the BOS. Users can locally access the files through the CDN node by enabling the CDN acceleration and using BOS as the origin server. Furthermore, BOS can be used as an origin server to automatically purge the CDN edge data according to the data changes. And, the global users can access the latest content at the first time.

Cross-region Access

During access to the resources in BOS through the browser, cross-region access issues often occur. BOS supports to set the cross-region access rule to get the resource when the HTTP request and the resource are in different regions.

Application Scenarios

Application Scenarios
Data Backup
Data Analysis
Data Processing
  • Target types:

    For data distribution, especially the distribution scenarios of hotspot files (hot videos and game update packs), you can cope with the heavy traffic and high concurrency by combining with CDN and BOS.
  • Recommended Configuration:

    Object Storage (BOS) + Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Target types:

    BOS provides the hierarchical storage solution for the data backup scenario. The data requiring long-term backup and low access frequency can be stored in the form of Infrequent Storage, Cold and Archive. BOS also supports lifecycle management, and helps you automatically conduct the lifecycle management of cold data. Furthermore, BOS also provides multi-region support. Users can back up the data between regions, achieving the disaster recovery in different sites.
  • Recommended configuration:

    Infrequent Storage + Cold + Archive + Lifecycle Management + Cross-region Replication
  • Target types:

    Cloud provides a set of big data analysis scheme for big data scenarios from Mapreduce data processing to modeling, prediction, machine learning, and real-time query of massive data.
  • Recommended Configuration:

    Object Storage (BOS) + MapReduce (BMR) + Machine Learning (BML) + OLAP Engine Palo
  • Target types:

    BOS provides an abundance of data processing features. You can clip, rotate, attach the watermark to the photo uploaded to BOS, or review the photo contents. You can also transcode and play the audio and video files and document text, and create the Android channel package by batch.
  • Recommended configuration:

    Object Storage (BOS) + Photo Processing + Image Review + Audio and Video Transcoding MCT + Document Service DOC + Android Batch Packing

Product Price

  • Storage Price

    ¥ 0.015


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    • Standard
    • In-frequent Access
    • Cold
    • Archival
  • Request Price

    ¥ 0.001


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    • Read Request
    • Write Request
  • Bandwidth Price

    ¥ 0.14


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    • Internet Downlink
    • CDN Backsource

Customer Case

  • Iqiyi

    Iqiyi is one of China's largest video content platforms. Baidu Intelligent Cloud BOS provides Iqiyi with efficient storage management solutions for massive video. It not only meets the needs of high concurrency read and write on online business, but also solves the need of archiving and storage of cold backup video, helping Iqiyi to break through business.

  • VIVO

    As the top mobile phone manufacturer in China, vivo's cloud photo album module provides the vast number of mobile phone users with cloud storage experience of massive photos and videos. Baidu Intelligent Cloud BOS combined with Baidu video content clustering, content analysis, intelligent cover and other AI capabilities, provides an efficient, stable and Intelligent Cloud album storage solution for VIVO.

  • Kwai

    Kwai is one of China's largest short video communities. Baidu Intelligent Cloud BOS combines CDN nodes around the world, providing fast video access to massive video whenever and wherever possible, and truly realizes the experience of end cloud integration.

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