Image Recognition

It can recognize over 100 thousand kinds of objects and scenarios precisely, including more than ten high-precision image recognition abilities. Also, it can offer related API services and fully meet developers and enterprise users’ application requirements.

Product List

  • Recognition of General Objects and Scenarios

    It can recognize over 100 thousand kinds of objects and scenarios. After the recognition, it returns the name and encyclopedic information of the item in the image.

  • Recognition of Main Bodies in the Image

    It supports single- and multiple-body detection. It can recognize the position and tag of the main body in an image.

  • Animal Recognition

    It can recognize approximately 8,000 kinds of common animals. After the recognition, it can return the name and encyclopedic information of the animals.

  • Plant Recognition

    It can recognize over 20,000 kinds of common plants and nearly 8,000 kinds of flowers. After the recognition, it can return the name and encyclopedic information of the plant.

  • Recognition of Brand Logo

    It can recognize over 20,000 kinds of commodity logos and customized logos. After the recognition, it can return the logo name and position.

  • Recognition of Fruit and Vegetable

    It can recognize nearly 1,000 kinds of fruits and vegetables. After the recognition, it can return the name of the items.

  • Dish Recognition

    It can recognize approximately 10,000 kinds of dishes. After the recognition, it can return the name, level of confidence, calorie, and encyclopedic information of the dish.

  • Red Wine Recognition

    It can recognize labels on over 100 thousand Chinese and foreign red wines. After the recognition, it can return the name, countries, production region, chateau, and other information.

  • Landmark Recognition

    It can recognize approximately 120 thousand famous landmarks and scenery spots at home and abroad. It is widely applied to such scenarios as photo recognition and classification.

Application Scenarios

  • Content and Advertisement Recommendation

    It can analyze the images of the web pages when users are browsing. Through recognizing the information of images, it can recommend relevant contents to the users, or show relevant advertisements on the web page to improve the advertisement click rate. It can be applied for such business scenarios as news information service, information search service, video Apps, and personalized recommendations.

  • Image Content Search

    Tagging images by image content recognition and retrieving information related to the tag is suitable for image search scenarios.

  • Photo recognition

    According to the photos, it can recognize the content of pictures, widely used in business scenarios such as entertainment app and self-service settlements.

  • Photo Album Classification

    By recognizing the information of pictures, it can realize the intelligent classification management of photo albums, which is applied to the photo album management function and APP.

  • Mobile Game

    By recognizing objects and scenes in realistic pictures with game strategies, it brings customers an unprecedented interactive experience and is suitable for enhancing online and offline interaction in mobile apps.

  • Content and Advertisement Recommendation
  • Image Content Search
  • Photo Recognition
  • Photo Album Classification
  • Mobile Game

Special Advantages

Abundant Features
Based on its fine-grained image recognition capacity for over 10 vertical business scenarios, it can recognize over 100 thousand kinds of objects and scenarios precisely and continuously enrich the content information returned.
Support Customized Image Recognition
According to different business scenarios, you can customize the dedicated AI image recognition capability to meet the business requirements in non-general scenarios. For example, you can customize the dish recognition.
Return Encyclopedic Information Synchronically
It can return the content of Baidu Encyclopedia as the recognition result that makes the business function more complete and content more abundant.
Combined APIs
Through the input parameters, you can freely select the required vertical class identification service, and upload the images to identify multiple vertical classes at the same time.

Relevant Recommendations

  • EasyDL Zero-threshold AI Development Platform

    It features one-stop support for intelligent marking, model training, service deployment, and other full-process functions. It has abundant built-in pre-training models, which have been widely applied in the industrial, retail, manufacturing, and medical fields.

  • Image Search

    Image search allows you to search out the same or similar images in the specified image library. It is applicable for precise image search, similar material search, taking pictures to search for a commodity, similar commodity recommendation, and other scenarios.

  • Image Enhancement

    For the low-quality images, it allows you to optimize them by such methods as haze removal, contrast enhancement, distortion-free magnification, and stretched image recovery to rebuild high-resolution images.

  • Special Effects

    It has several special-effect capabilities, including coloring the black-and-white images, changing the image style, and creating the animation of the portrait. It is used for beauty cameras, marketing interaction, and other applications.

  • Image Review

    It can identify the pornographic, violent, terroristic, politically-sensitive, WeChat business advertisements and disgusting contents contained in images and videos.

  • Optical Character Recognition

    It is No.1 of several ICDAR indexes in the world. It offers multi-scenario, multi-language and high-precision optical character detection and recognition services.