The CDN_Abroad distributes the origin server content to 200+ high-quality acceleration nodes around the world, enables users to get the content needed at the nearby nodes by the global scheduling system, and improves the response speed of users to visit the website and the availability of the website.


Baidu AI Cloud CDN_Abroad distributes its customer origin server content intelligently to high-quality acceleration nodes in five continents across the globe. Through the global precision scheduling system, users can get the content quickly at the nearby nodes, greatly shorten the latency of viewing all kinds of content for users, improve the response speed of users accessing the origin server content, and enhance the availability of customer websites. It solves the problems of small network access bandwidth, large amount of user access and uneven distribution of network nodes in case of cross-country and cross-network visit.


Covering five continents
200+ high quality acceleration nodes all around the world, covering Asia, the Middle East, North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and other regions
Platform product service
Unified management platform resource monitoring, 7x24 hour after-sales service, ticket and key customer support (TAM)


  • Global DNS intelligent scheduling

    99% IP scheduling accuracy, 99% traffic hit rate, and day-level DNS data update

  • Comprehensive security protection

    It supports WAF, resists DDoS attack, CC attack defense, SQL injection defense, XSS attack defense, SSRF attack defense, and has seamless access to WAF

  • Data monitoring / analysis

    Network-wide data monitoring, real-time collection and analysis, providing bandwidth traffic, request times and other panoramic data reports, supporting minute-level data analysis and log download

Distribution of CDN_Abroad nodes

Global node distribution Baidu AI Cloud CDN_Abroad, based on 200+ CDN overseas nodes distributed in 50+ countries and regions around the world, and over 100T bandwidth resource reserves, effectively solves cross-border access problems, reduces access delay of overseas terminal users, and improves service availability.

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